Press release


It’s with great regrets that The Association Molsridtet has to announce that

Federation Equstre Internationale (FEI) has terminated the Host Agreement of FEI European Endurance Championship 2015.



  • The Association Molsridtet already has prepared much of the event and made appointments regarding venue, accommodation, rental of sports campus etc.
  • The Association has full support from The Municipality Syddjurs, other local governmental institutions and both Danish and foreign companies.
  • The Association has provided The FEI with a revised budget because of a misunderstanding between the parties during the original bidding process. A budget that shows a surplus. A budget that contains a contingency item valued approximately 8% of the total cost including broadcast valued 20.000€. A budget that The Association Molsridtet is willingly to discuss, so all parties reach a feasible standard for a “closed” European regional championship.
  • The FEI is informed that if the parties had reached a feasible budget, especially regarding the two items; prize money and hosting fee, The Association Molsridtet would close appointments regarding financing the event 2015 soon after the agreement. Unfortunately governmental institutions needs a finale budget before the can make final political decisions. The FEI has unfortunately not provided The Association Molsridtet with a suggested size of the above mentioned two items, nor has The FEI said that the original size of the two items where ultimate. The typical size of prize money or valued gifts in European regional “open” championships is approximately 3.500 €. In The World Equestrian Championship (WEG) the prize money is 18.000 €. The WEG and “open” regional championships is sponsored by sponsors, who have no or very little interest in a “closed” regional European championship.
  • That The FEI is aware that The Association Molsridtet is collaborating with animal welfare organizations to secure horse welfare in endurance and fasten the process in developing endurance as a sustainable equestrian discipline with accept from the broad public although an animal is used as a sports accessory in an extreme sport.
  • That the FEI is aware that The Association Molsridtet has received donations in 2012 and 2013 because The Association Molsridtet was awarded the European championship. The FEI is aware that The Association Molsridtet must pay back these donations to their donors. These cost are irrelevant to The FEI.


Despite all attempts of the signatory parties of the Host Agreement in the last months, mainly by means of frequent phone calls and email exchanges, to find a feasible solution for the organizer to host a successful regional “closed/ordinary” championship of international standard, the FEI is of the opinion that the championship cannot be organized in accordance with the provisions of the original host agreement.


From The Association Molsridtet’s point of view the only part willing to find an acceptable solution has been The Association Molsridtet. Various solutions have been suggested in combination with a closed regional championship. All solutions have been rejected by The FEI.


The Association Molsridtet believes that the focus from the parties should have been on creating an equestrian event with maximum focus on horse welfare, equality and development of endurance riding as a sustainable equestrian discipline. Unfortunately FEI still wanted a “closed” championship with an economy like an “open” championship.


Regarding the misunderstanding during the bidding process.

In the light of earlier European regional championships has been organized as “open” regional championships The Association Molsridtet applied for an “open” championship as well. During the bidding process, regarding how to handle customs and participants where Denmark has no representation, The Association Molsridtet wrote among others the phrase “… Because the EC is “open” … “. The Association Molsridtet was therefore in no doubt that The Association Molsridtet had applied for and was awarded an “open” regional championship. The “open” championship was fully financed autumn 2013.


Unfortunately The FEI did not treat the bid as a bid for an “open” championship, either because the FEI overlooked the above mentioned phrases or because of a new policy as described in email from FEI autumn 2013 or both. In the autumn 2013, after the ride was fully financed, The FEI pointed out this misunderstanding to The Danish Equestrian Federation – not to The Association Molsridtet, who was finically responsible.



Despite The Association Molsridtet was in no doubt about their bid for an “open” championship, The FEI, The Danish Equestrian Federation and The Association Molsridtet decided to try to find a feasible solution, if possible, in the interest of developing European endurance and keeping a constant focus on welfare of the horse.


Because of the different difficulties/possibilities receiving donations there is between an “open” and “closed/ordinary” championship The Association Molsridtet provided The FEI with a revised minimized budget for a “closed” championship. A revised budget that The FEI has turned down and are unwillingly to discuss regardless of the mentioned misunderstanding. The primary reason is the lack of size of the above mentioned items in the budget and lack of guarantees from governmental institutions. Guarantees that can not be given as long as the parties have not made agreements regarding the budget, because The FEI has not described their expectations to theses two items; prize money and hosting fee. The FEI demands theses guarantees anyway although, according to the contract, the financing is irrelevant to The FEI, as long as there is no reasonable doubt that the organizer can fulfill the task regarding financing and organizing the event. The Association Molsridtet has not provided The FEI with any reason that The Association Molsridtet should be unable to lift the task.



Unfortunately the parties have not been able to reach a united agreement regarding a “closed” European regional championship.


The Association Molsridtet sincerely hopes that FEI will be able to find an organizer who will have the opportunities to meet the demands of FEI.


Yours sincerely


The members of the organizing committee.

The Association Molsridtet




I would like to say thank you to all the riders who, year after year, has participated in Molsridtet and believed in our mission. A mission to bring endurance back to endurance and embrace, not only European participants, but the whole endurance family.


The Association Molsridtet has enjoyed a huge support from both The Norwegian Equestrian Federation and The Swedish Equestrian Federation. The members of the OC was of course very happy when our ride was nominated as a test ride for The Swedish Endurance Team. Thank you for your support and recognition.


I would like to thank all the landowners, The National Park Mols Bjerge, The Municipality Syddjurs, the military police, all our sponsors and collaborators. Without your help and accept everything would have been impossible.


A huge thanks to The Mols Family. An enormous group of volunteers from all over Denmark that every year helped building up the event. A lot of laughter, a lot of beers, a lot of BBQ, a lot of work, a lot of sweat. But no pay and no sleep. Amazing people. Thank you.


Also a special thank you to all our mentors. All the officials and veterinarians who supported us and gave us feedback each year, so we were able to make everything better the next year. Thank you Mr. Abdul Sheikh, Mrs. Alison Abrahams, Mr. Bo Kjellgren, Ms. Claudia Zerlick and Bern, Ms. Elke Pepperkorn, Mr. Hallvard Sommerseth, Ms. Hildegunn Skulstad, Mr. Harald Grinschgl, Mr. Muftah Al Harrasi, Mr. Neil Abrahams, Mr. Piotr Szpotanski, Ms. Trine Friis Madsen, Ms. Lone Ålekjær, Ms. Line Skadelund, Mr. Jaroslaw Rubersz, Mr. Bernard Turek, Mr. Robert Ørsted and Mr. Jan Fredrik Furøy. I don’t hope that I forgot anyone. Ups! I forgot Olga, the beautiful daughter of Piotr. Bring her also huge greetings from Denmark. Thank you for your support.


I have had the honor to work with a very well greased event machine. All the good and hardworking people of the OC, who from the beginning of 2009 and until this day have worked thousands of hours and used huge sums of their own savings on diesel to fulfill a common dream; To organize the first major international endurance event in Scandinavia. All the members of the OC was volunteers. Their only pay was the happiness and joy from the participants and the fun we all had together. Thank you so much for your contribution and your amazing company. What are we going to do with all the new spare time?


In the OC

WE HAD a desire to embrace the whole international endurance family so we were able:

  • To DEVELOP a special endurance event in Scandinavia and get focus on endurance riding as a spectacular equestrian discipline.
  • To CHALLENGE the riders,
  • To EDUCATE riders, helpers, grooms and officials about common problems related to endurance so everybody was able to take maximum care of their horse.


Our common desire, our passion for making events was touched by a storm in the autumn 2013. It was finally put out spring 2014 by The FEI. Why? Politics.


Liv, Pil, Johanne and I will all miss you this summer. We do sincerely hope that we will meet somewhere around. Else; you know where we live ;-)

Yours sincerely

Peter Christiansen